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This is a small site which exists to store various stuff I do/make. Feel free to take a look around. Formerly slushbin.org (both domains work tho)

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Never was good at introducing myself in any shape or form.

I'm a 20 something (feel at least 50) guy who's hobbies mostly consist of painting, programming and reading

Recently most of my effort (when I'm not wage slaving) is going into making a computer game. As I always wanted to make some cool game

Believe it or not, even though I sound miserable, I tend to be really optimistic

Oh, and if you want to contact me, click this!

Media & stuff I like


  • Devil May Cry - Loved this series since I was like 8
  • Bust a Groove - My favorite rythm game
  • Minecraft - Basic pick, but I really think this game is special
  • Parasite Eve - Wish more games like this existed
  • Vampire the masquerade bloodlines - Best vampire & goth aesthetics of any game I've ever seen
  • Deus Ex - How games should handle choices and gameplay freedom

Shows & Movies

  • The Boondocks - Great show hidden behind vulgar (but really funny) humor
  • Ghost Stories - Best dub ever


I kinda like everything really. Trip Hop, Jazz and Electronic music stand out though. I guess I also collect vinyls as of late 2022. It's fun to have these big disks

Also I'm running the site on neocities. Besides that, not really much interesting to say about myself. I am just some dude

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