Here's my collection of vinyls:

Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Last album Daft Punk made. Managed to snatch this in a record store while on vacation.

Discovery - Daft Punk

Great tunes.

Serotonin II - Yeule

Fun mix of pop, ambient and electric music.

Softscars - Yeule

Went to a concert for this. Snatched the vinyl right after it!

Glitch Princess - Yeule

Kinda got my hands on this by semi-accident. I guess I got a bit too much Yeule vinyls by now. This track is pretty fire.

Bloom - Crustation

Rarest vinyl I own? Last released 20 years ago and I belive the numbers are in the hundreds. Besides that, one of my favorite trip hop albums

Dummy - Portishead

An other trip hop album has been snatched. Would be hard to pick my favorite track from this one, but this would be high up the list

Mignonne - Taeko Onuki

It's city pop, but too bad I enjoy city pop

Volume alpha - C418

It's minecraft music. You know minecraft music

Volume beta - C418

Same as above

Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

Not much to say about it. It's just an gorillaz album

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Same as above

Turning dragon - Clark

Weird glitchy electronic tunes

Birth of a New Day - 2814

Cool ambient tracks, with an even more cool cover