Where does the time go?

I don't know what happened with my perception of time, but it seems to be getting worse and worse. What felt like hours now feels like minutes. Years feel like bla bla bla bla


Ever since writting this bullshit post initially, I've found ways to get less time sucked out of my own life.

One good thing to do is to find distractions and try to eliminate them. Even when they don't seem that big. A big one would be: don't shower with your phone, or any electronic gadget for that matter

Also disable phone notifications from bullshit services like youtube. When someone calls you, it's good to get notified. A random youtube video recoomendation which literally is engineered to waste your time is not worth it.

In general, a good thing to realize is that distractions require effort to put off. Which means you put less focus into whatever you are currently doing and everything becomes a blurry mess.

I might sound like some asshole telling you ways how to be more productive or something, but my main point is about enjoying your time. You don't spend as much quality time when you focus on tiny bits and switch between them. It's best to have your focus either in one direction, or have it be spread out in a peaceful way.

Think more of the type of attention you have while looking at a landscape from a distance...

Just slow and steady

taking it all in at your own pace

Nothing taking your focus away

That's what you usually should be aiming for. Modern life has lots of blips and beebs that try to take your attention away, but unless they are related to a jet's plane autopilot warning you that you are about to crash, it's often best to take them out.

There's a reason people in the past sometimes had hours upon hours in their day where they could sit in quiet and allow themselves to be bored. It's one of those things of which it is not wise to get rid of.