Saucer Games

While still empty as of writing is, the final game web page will be located here

28 august

Here's a note about an game I've been making which I wanted to have in playable state few months ago, but that's still not the case. It's still coming along, but the problem is what I want to do turned out to be quite difficult and not easily supported through in-engine functionality. So I need to write and design tons of stuff on my own without much help or guidance.

To not keep complete in the dark about the progress through, I'll be writing here from time to time what is happening that I can show off.

Oh, and some of the game music is already out on youtube. Made by Cosmic Arp. Check it out!

  1. Space Race
  2. Extraterrestrial Swing
  3. Grid Crusher
  4. Bonus Stage
  5. Main Menu

Till next time!