This site so far

I roughly have run this website for 2 years now. I still remember the first crappy version I had of it. It had one of the most basic and boring designs you could have. I sinned by using these pre-made bulma components, but at least I styled them to be dark. Still, wasn't really that great of a look. I sadly have lost all of the code for that, so nothing is left.

An other version of this site I had around end of 2021 was this one. And I don't think I really have surpassed it ever since. That thing was so damn good looking. Also I don't know why I came up with the idea, but I used to run both a small imageboard and a youtube web radio.

Sadly the youtube radio was costly as I was rendering a whole scene. And because it was visual (no easy way to run it on a server), I had to run it at home, which made it disconnect if I lost connection which happened frequently with my crappy net. I also had the idea to make people donate and be able to send an image to display there. Once again, weird stuff

In 2022 I used to have a proper web radio on the site, but because I build the website with a web framework which had cached request, songs used to repeat a lot. Kinda was crappy once again. But I also made the webiste more light as I had enough of dark pages. Also liked how tilted it used to look

I learned that a lot of my site got archived on internet archive, so if you curious about what other ways this thing looked, it's there somewhere. Although lot of files are missing so sometimes it looks broken

All in all, I kinda cringe at my site when looking back at it. But it was fun to make and it's a nice time capsule. ALso I need to bring back stuff that's worth bringing back. I used to have an 8ball page which anwsered your questions and I'm missing few blog posts which I thought weren't outright terrible.