Halloween horror game

28 august

As halloween is in 2 months, I decided to start making a short horror game for it. With that in mind, it would be fun to document how it's going here. Plus, if I fail to push anything of worth out in 2 months, I'll have this page to haunt me.

So far, I've made it possible to play split screen with a basic first person controller.

Controlls both working for a ps4 controller and mouse & keyboard. You can pick stuff up, click buttons and walk around. Humble start, but it'll do.

And what better way was there to test the controlls and splitscreen then with the help of "lightskin1.png" and "lightstkin2.png" plastered on player controllable boxes? Till next time!

5 September

Did some texture work for the walls & ground. Also some HUD ideas

Besides that, started working on the AI for this. Hopefully my idea for it will work. Till next time!